The Tel Aviv school is hosted in Minshar School of Art in South Tel Aviv. The school caters to up to 300 men and women students every semester. We focus mainly on English language, computer literacy, academic preparation, cultural competence and self-presentation, with an emphasis on transferable and practical skills. Learning, improvement and student satisfaction is assessed throughout the semester and at the end of the course through various methods. The students receive certificates at the end of each semester at an exciting certificate ceremony celebration where guests are invited and students present their accomplishments from the semester.



Our English Program offers six levels of English language instruction. The lower English levels are taught with emphasis on skills such as; studying habits, self confidence, speaking and self-presentation, filling in forms, mannerisms and culture and practical language for daily use. The intermediate and advanced English levels focus on critical thinking, expressing opinions, public speaking, pre-academic skills, and topics are brought in such as; current events, environmental science, forms of government, human rights, and history. Our Academic level provides added skill preparation for participating in an academic learning environment. Students participate in a 1-1 Reading Enrichment program to improve reading fluency.  Conversation Club evenings unite students on different levels in order to speak, discuss, and debate in English about different topics in small groups.


Our Computer Program offers a beginners Computer literacy course which helps students to develop basic familiarity and independence using the computer and Internet. More advanced levels of Computers give students additional tools such as Excel, Google Drive and lead into a more vocational direction for using digital media tools such as video editing, graphic design and creating promotional materials for small businesses. As practical tools in an advancing high-tech world, computer instruction is significant for global communication, opening up doors and options for employment, running independent businesses, and accessing further education.  Furthermore, computer skills are vital today for managing in almost every situation, all over the world.



The GED course was piloted in 2018, following a strong request from students who want to receive a high school degree.  Passing the GED matriculation exams will grant the students the necessary qualifications to apply to colleges and universities all around the world which will in turn be significant for future employment opportunities. Furthermore, students benefit from receiving GED classes through The Schoolhouse because of their unique educational backgrounds. Many have not developed basic literacy in their native languages and have not been in formal schooling frameworks. This underpreparedness makes it difficult for them to access mainstream educational frameworks.



In our second semester of 2019, we launched our first Hebrew literacy class. Although almost all African refugees have picked up some spoken Hebrew, very few have learned to read, and even less can write. Lack of Hebrew literacy skills hinders their independence and undermines their quality of life: whether they are at an ATM at the bank, helping a child with homework or in the doctor’s office, basic literacy in the local language is critical for any chance at autonomy. As one student expressed: "It’s very important for me to learn. I know how to speak [Hebrew] but I don’t know how to read and write. I have a son. And without understanding, the eyes are closed. So for me, The Schoolhouse is the most special. Because you opened my eyes. Learning Hebrew [the local language] is the most important, because I live here, and I can’t read or write, it’s like living with my eyes closed."



"Education is the best way to make a change and there is no life without education."

- Schoolhouse Student

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