The essence of The Schoolhouse

is the people who come here to learn and teach


The Schoolhouse’s students are comprised of adult refugees, asylum seekers and individuals, most of whom are marginalized from mainstream educational institutions, and at times, broader Israeli society. These individuals, many struggling to adapt changing migrant reality, comprise a diverse range of nationalities, ethnicities and educational backgrounds, but are unified by a common belief that education can aid them in achieving their goals and dreams for the future.


Our students are primarily men and women ages 18-50, and have fled or left their countries for reasons of life danger, persecution, oppression, poverty, lack of freedom, or search for equal opportunity. The majority of our students are from Sudan and Eritrea. We also have students from: West Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Bolivia, Venezuela, Israel and more.

Within our student body is a wide range of literacy levels and a demand for culturally relevant instruction. Their educational background varies, ranging from students who have never been to school before to University graduates.


Our students have mostly survived against all odds, and are deeply motivated towards life. Education is viewed as a significant tool for empowerment, independence, employment opportunity, and self- development.  

Our student committee members are the leaders of the school and play an important role in being the voice for the students and liaisons for student recruitment and retainment. They play a significant part in program development and expansion and are active in organizing trips and social events. Changes within the school and the organization have been made based on student committee suggestions or feedback.   


Each semester new members are chosen from different classes and together with a school Mentor they hold meetings, make decisions, plan activities and recieve leadership training. 

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