The Schoolhouse builds adapted learning environments and assists our students in bringing down the barriers in reaching their educational goals. We do this by ongoing pedagogical and curricular development adapted to the unique needs of our students provided through an accessible framework & within a safe space.



Considering the challenge of diverse backgrounds and origins of our students, mixed literacy levels and varying needs or future goals, The Schoolhouse places a strong emphasis on pedagogy and adapting the classroom, the content and the teaching methods to the needs of our students. Our educational model is in constant evolution to reflect the best practices in pedagogy, materials development and teacher training and is based on a body of emerging research and literature on second language, literacy and technological education for adults with limited native language literacy and formal schooling. We also base our teaching practices on empowerment pedagogy research that links education and social justice.


The Schoolhouse is a “safe space” for our students, where we strive to create an accepting, empowering and culturally sensitive environment. Teachers are chosen not only due to experience but also by virtue of character, values and motives. Community and dialogue are values amongst our students and relationships between students and staff are encouraged to be honest and direct.


Our teachers are paid, and this is a guiding principle not practiced in many non-for profit organizations, as we want to be able to set expectations and provide the quality in the classroom that our students deserve.


We are in constant dialogue with our students to ensure that our courses and policies meet their day-to-day realities. We are attuned to our students needs’ and changing realities, and make adjustments to suit their educational motivation or desires, economic constraints or government policy. While student tuition is an important part of our model, we have sliding tuition rates and a flexible payment policy to ensure that financial barriers will not stop any student from studying. We also ensure that language barriers will not alienate students by using student translators and translated written materials to disseminate information in all relevant languages.


Our students pay monthly tuition, normal rates are between 150-300 NIS a month and this is a significant income model for the organization. No student is turned away based on inability to pay the tuition and scholarships or discounts are provided as necessary.  


We strive to empower our students as individuals, leaders and liaisons who play a part in school development and expansion. Our student committees play an important role in being the voice for the students, communicating information, these students are active in student recruitment, decision making and organize trips and social events. Changes within the school have been made based on student committee suggestions or feedback.

"A Teacher is someone who leads a person to all brightness."

- Schoolhouse Student

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