Adult Education and Skills for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

The Schoolhouse is a diverse community committed to advancing social justice and access to education. We hold a shared belief that every person has the potential to make positive change in their lives and believe that education is a critical tool in this process.


Between 2006-2011, as asylum seekers from Sudan and Eritrea entered Israel, the Israeli government was unprepared as to how to approach this new migration challenge. The struggles on behalf of human rights organizations focused on survival needs, psycho-social attention, policy change, medical treatment and more. Yet many voices from the Sudanese and Eritrean communities were asking for education and were speaking of education as a tool through which they believed they could make a positive change in their lives.


The Schoolhouse was created in order to develop adult education and skills adapted to the particular needs of these communities and in January 2012 the first English class began with the support of HIAS and Windows for Peace.


Our primary mission is to advance education, practical skills and opportunity for these individuals who dream beyond the barriers that stand in their way, to make an impact on their future and on the future of their communities.


"The essence of the Schoolhouse is the people who come here to learn and teach. These relationships inspire in each other optimism, confidence and possibility."


“The Schoolhouse is an educational institution for students who want to make a change in their life. The Schoolhouse serves all kinds of refugees and gives them the opportunity to improve their communication skills, confidence, self esteem and to advance in education and profession.”


- Schoolhouse student 

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